Palácio do Bolhão - Auditório
Postdramatic Theatre (CANCELLED)

Chaired by 

Tiago Bartolomeu Costa


Since the days of Aristophanes or Sophocles the theatre has undergone many configurations and purposes, but has always allowed artists to think about their role as citizens and enabled us, as spectators, to give back responsibility for the action. How does theatre participate in the processes of building cultural identities?

Hans-Thies Lehmann, a German critic and theatre professor, recognised as one of the leading theorists in this area, has devoted himself over recent decades to analysis of theatre as a phenomenon of social and artistic construction, analysing the relationship with the various constituent elements of the spectacle, in order to identify bridges that will make it possible to inscribe artistic practice as a political gesture. In this work, Lehmann coined the concept of post-dramatic theatre to account for a theatre that has emancipated itself from drama and now incorporates other forms of art and audiovisual technologies. In a talk with the performing arts critic, Tiago Bartolomeu Costa, Lehmann will discuss these new forms of theatre and how they influence our values and morals, as well as the construction of community.

In collaboration with Orfeu Negro